An Introduction To E-Logs And HOS Requirements

ELogs and HOS Requirements

Are you familiar with the requirements of Electronic Logging Devices and Hours of Service? In this post, we will be covering some important information pertaining to e-Logs and HOS requirements, so sit tight!

What are Electronic Logbooks?

ElogsElectronic driver logs, or e-Logs, are designed to eliminate manual paperwork, reduce traffic violations and minimize audit risks. By automating driver logs, fleet managers have the ability to easily track vehicle mileage logs and strengthen their fleet’s compliance regulations.  In other words, communications are facilitated in an instantaneous manner.

What is an HOS or e-Log Solution?

Hours of service (HOS) is a series of FMCSA-issued regulations. For drivers operating a commercial motor vehicle for interstate or inter-province commerce, the HOS will govern their driving hours.  An HOS software solution fulfills this government regulation by fully automating the entry, recording, completion and storage of all the information required for logbooks from the driver’s cab.

Btracking HOS Benefits

  • Improved communication. Drivers and dispatch have never been more interconnected. Fleet managers can now easily plan jobs and increase fleet efficiency by viewing up-to-date driver statuses.
  • A wealth of data. Trusted by tens of thousands of Btracking customers, our HOS software provides up to eight days of driving data for our in-cab display.
  • Can be easily integrated into existing systems. The HOS software module is fully integrated with other Fleet Director components for seamless operation. As per FMCSA regulations, any electronic recorder used for HOS compliance must be connected to the vehicle’s engine electronic control module (ECM). Fleet Director meets this requirement via a standard J-bus connection.

Simple & Straightforward Usage

  • Easy storage. Drivers can fully automate the entry and storage of all required information needed for driver logbooks.
  • Time-saving. Time-consuming and error-prone manual logbook entries and audits are easily eliminated.
  • User-friendly. Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand screens simplify driver workloads and enable rapid data entry. HOS data is easily recorded, transmitted and displayed via Garmin unit.
  • Fast retrieval. All relevant HOS information—such as driver identification and current status—is sent to the user’s computer for storage and retrieval via a wireless network.