Types of Reports You Will Get With BTracking GPS Fleet Tracking System

Types of Reports You Get With a GPS Fleet Tracking System

As a fleet manager, you must have heard a lot about how monitoring and tracking your vehicles with a GPS fleet tracking system can improve your business’s productivity and performance, but do you really know how this is achieved? A GPS fleet tracking and management system basically provides you all the information you need about your fleet at your fingertips. From mileage covered to vehicle maintenance schedules, a good fleet tracking system, like the one provided by Btracking, prepares comprehensive reports on every aspect of fleet performance, and enables you to make data-driven decisions.

Not only does Btracking GPS fleet tracking system provide you all this information, it gives you more control by providing them at the right time. With real-time data, you get the most accurate information at regular intervals and know the exact location of your vehicles. Let’s have a look at some of the reports provided by Btracking fleet tracking system.

1. Speeding Reports

Not only does speeding lead to increased fuel consumption, it can also result in deadly accidents. Btracking fleet tracking system provides you with speeding reports that show all the times when the vehicle exceeded the preset speed limit. Complete information, including date, time, and location are mentioned in the reports so that you can identify the root cause of the speeding incident.

Alerts Report
Alerts Report – Know if your drivers are exhibiting aggressive driving behaviors in a real-time manner

2. Idling Reports

Excessive idling of vehicles causes fuel wastage and costs your business money. The idling reports provided by the Btracking fleet tracking system alert you when any driver exceeds the maximum idling time set by the administrator. Not only does this result in cost savings, it also has the ability to improve your service delivery.

3. Detailed Activity Reports

This type of reports allow you to review any exhibition of aggressive or irresponsible behavior by the driver. It’s a comprehensive report that lists all the sessions of the day and gives detailed information about each session such as the time taken to reach the destination, distance covered, etc.

4. Mileage Reports

This handy report type allows you to track how far your vehicles have traveled for each session in a day. You will be able to get detailed information about miles traveled with average traveling speed.

5. Carrier Trip Detail Reports

Btracking GPS fleet tracking system makes it easier for fleet managers to resolve customer complaints. The carrier trip detail reports give you detailed information about the start and stop time, start and stop locations, maximum speed, and distance traveled for reaching a specific destination. All this information can prove to be valuable in case of a customer conflict.

With these types of GPS tracking reports, fleet managers can have information about where their vehicles are and how they are performing. These reports help fleet managers and boost business productivity and efficiency in several ways. To know more about the features of Btracking fleet tracking system, you can call us at 1-866-233-0953 to request a free demo.