Top 5 Reasons To Install A GPS Fleet Management System

Multiple GPS Location

If your company owns a fleet of trucks and you have been assigned the task of enhancing its efficiency and improving your drivers’ safety, then your first action as a fleet manager should be contacting a GPS fleet management software provider. No matter the size of your fleet, fleet management software is designed to improve performance and resolve all problems related to fleet management.

Whether you are looking to cut down your fuel costs or monitor your daily business operations, fleet tracking systems deliver just what you need and helps you achieve all your business goals. Here are five reasons to invest in a fleet GPS management system today:

Reason #1: Multiple Vehicle Control

If you are managing a fleet containing more than a dozen vehicles, you already know the headache of keeping track of maintenance schedules, assigning tasks to drivers, maintaining logbooks, and more. Invest in a GPS tracking software today to control all your vehicles from a single dashboard!

Reason #2: Smartphone and Web Compatibility

If you are tired of sitting in front of your computer screen all day long to perform fleet tracking and monitoring, you should contact Btracking today. With our web-based GPS fleet management system, you can track and manage your vehicles right from your smartphone, giving you utmost convenience and mobility.

Reason #3: Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Let’s admit it, every fleet manager will be worried that their drivers will use company resources for personal use. Don’t make assumptions – simply use technology to know the real-time locations of your vehicles and evaluate time spent by your drivers at job locations with GPS fleet tracking software.

Man And Device

Reason #4: Compliance with Road Traffic Rules

Afraid you will miss your budgetary targets due to high number of traffic tickets? Want your drivers to comply with traffic rules and avoid speeding, inappropriate lane changing, and etc.? Simply install a GPS fleet tracking system to make sure that your drivers are following all the traffic rules. With features such as speeding and idling alerts, you can help to improve the level of compliance to traffic regulations in your organization.

Reason #5: Serve Targeted Geographical Regions Better

Have you heard of Geofencing? Get the most advantages out of this technology and keep your drivers within your targeted geographical areas by defining routes and boundaries. You will be alerted by the fleet tracking software when a boundary has been crossed.

These reasons are just a small part of the list of benefits you can enjoy when your business embrace GPS tracking. If you want to know more about what GPS fleet tracking and management solutions can do, simply contact Btracking at 1-866-233-0953 today.