Top 3 Mistakes Made By Fleet Managers And Their Solutions

Top 3 Mistakes Made by Fleet Managers and Their Solutions

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Regardless the size of the fleet, all fleet managers face similar challenges such as how to deter unauthorized use of resources, reduce operating costs, monitor employees’ activities and etc. As fleet managers struggle to cope with these problems, it is essential to learn from experience and find appropriate solutions to avoid repeating same mistakes.

Btracking fleet management experts have extensive experience when it comes to working with fleet managers. We want our readers to benefit from our experience and knowledge – that’s why we have written this post to highlight the three common mistakes made by fleet managers and how you can avoid them.

Mistake no. 1: Assuming Your Drivers are Always Honest

While it is important to place trust in your staff to foster a positive working environment, it is equally necessary that keep an eye on activities that can be potentially damaging your company’s reputation and profitability. It is not rare for employees to use company’s resources for personal use after working hours. While this may utilize only a few extra gallons of gas, it can greatly impact your ability to achieve cost-related goals in the long run. Fleet managers can control unauthorized use of vehicles by implementing the Btracking GPS fleet management and tracking system. Our system makes vehicle information immediately available to you and helps you identify relevant problem areas readily.

Mistake no. 2: Spending Too Much Time & Effort on Fleet Maintenance

Monitoring the maintenance schedules and performance of a fleet is a laborious task that may take several hours every day. Many fleet managers make the mistake of doing everything on their own and are still using manual logbooks to record maintenance due dates. This involves a high risk of human error and may even lead to data inaccuracy and data loss.

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The solution to this problem is a GPS maintenance solution that can keep an up-to-date record of vehicles’ current maintenance schedule. With advanced Btracking fleet management solutions, you can easily receive notifications about when a vehicle in your fleet is due for maintenance, and it will be equally easy to generate maintenance reports for any vehicle in your fleet.

Mistake no. 3: Lacking Real-Time Data to Make Informed Decisions

In this dynamic industry, fleet managers must have updated information on their fingertips in order to make well-informed decisions immediately. Not having an access to real-time information often results in service delays and customer dissatisfaction. Btracking GPS fleet tracking system provides you with real-time information about the current locations of your vehicles and keeps you connected to your staff on the field. As a result, the manager can communicate accurate and updated ETAs to the customers and ensure that services or goods are delivered in a timely manner.

As you can see, a dependable GPS fleet tracking and management system can eliminate all of these problems and enhance the efficiency of your fleet. The Btracking fleet management system has all the features necessary to resolve these problems. Learn more about our vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions by calling us at 1-866-233-0953 today!