Top 3 Features A Good GPS Fleet Tracking System Must Have

Top 3 Features a Good GPS Fleet Tracking System Must Have

As a fleet manager, you are required to track key performance metrics and your company’s progress towards strategic goals – and this is only possible when you have an efficient fleet tracking and management system in place that can collect and analyze data efficiently to provide you with strategic insights. In this regard, Btracking fleet tracking solutions can help your business remain market-competitive and assist you in meeting your business goals.

When selecting a GPS fleet tracking system, it is essential that you understand the features that it offers and how they can help your business stand out. We are listing three great features you should look for in a GPS fleet tracking system.

Full-Screen Tracking – Get a better view of your resources and their locations on the map

Mapping Data and Interface

Probably the most valuable feature of a GPS fleet tracking system is its mapping interface. Using it, you can plot where your vehicles are, and with additional tools such as snapshot capture, you can have a screenshot of the current location of the vehicle.

Some highly advanced fleet tracking systems such as the one provided by Btracking have numerous other exciting features as well, such as zooming and panning, satellite view, reverse geo-coding, and more.


Geofencing – Create geofence to get an alert when a vehicle enters or exits the pre-defined territory

Geofencing allows fleet managers to define job locations and territories and receive alerts when a vehicle enters or exits a pre-defined area. Using this feature, you can define frequently-visited locations in the fleet management system such as job sites, client’s offices, or even employees’ home to track and limit unauthorized use of your vehicles. With our fleet tracking system, geofences of various shapes and sizes can easily be defined, including polygonal and circular geofences.

Notifications and Alerts

Alerts – Know how your resources are being used and receive alerts for irrational driving behaviors

GPS fleet tracking systems provide you real-time information about your fleet performance but that should not require you to sit in front of the computer screen all day long for monitoring purposes. A good fleet tracking solution should provide you with alerts on areas such as speeding, excessive idling, after-hours use, etc. With Btracking fleet management system, you can receive alerts through text messages or emails.

While the features of each GPS fleet management system may differ, these three features are a must-have to enhance the effectiveness of fleet management. Btracking fleet tracking solutions offer several other exciting features as well. To know more about our GPS-based fleet tracking and management solutions, call us at 1-866-233-0953. You may also fill up our online form to request for a free demo of our GPS solutions.