Small Business GPS Fleet Tracking

Small business GPS Fleet Tracking

Running a small business with fleet vehicles is an increasingly difficult challenge. Small companies face an environment where the business must offer competitive products or services while controlling operating costs. Small businesses must focus on the bottom line to sustain and maintain profitability. And at the same time, produce the services or products that add value to the company. How to do this if you are a small business with a fleet? For example, electrical, HVAC, or plumbing contractors? One way to increase productivity is to use fleet tracking software from a reputable, experienced fleet tracking systems provider. Small business GPS fleet tracking is becoming an essential tool to have for today’s growing companies.

It’s Not Just for Large Fleets

The small business owner may think that GPS fleet tracking is too expensive, especially when looking at the upfront costs of acquiring and installing GPS tracking hardware. Or, that the business won’t benefit from tracking a small fleet, that GPS tracking is just for large fleets. The fact is, every business with a fleet – even just a couple of vehicles – does benefit by using GPS tracking software. At Btracking, over half our customers have fleets of fewer than 6 or 7 vehicles and enjoy a significant return on investment. These customers are making more service calls per day, spend less time getting to and from calls, save fuel, reduce vehicle wear and driving incidents, and see improved driver safety. Plus, many of these same customers add asset tracking and phone or personal tracking to their service.

Great GPS Tracking Tools for Small Businesses

One example of how Btracking saves the small business owner is by reducing fuel expenses via the Fuel Log Report. Our trackers automatically detect increases in a vehicle’s fuel level, indicating a fueling event. When compared to a driver’s actual fuel expenses, the small business owner can identify unwanted fueling behaviors, such as purchasing fuel for personal use. Another great Btracking tool for the small business is Hot Spots, which instantly pinpoint the locations and places most frequented by drivers. Hot Spots is a great complement to geofences, which are virtual boundaries that let you track and (if desired) report and/or be notified when a vehicle or person enters and leaves designated areas, and the length of stay. Other must-haves include after-hours or unauthorized use tracking and notices, mileage reports, and vehicle maintenance scheduling and tracking.

A Cost Saving, Productivity-Boosting Necessity

Although small business GPS fleet tracking may appear to be a luxury at first, once the small business uses it, GPS tracking quickly turns into a cost saving, productivity boosting necessity. For more information on how Btracking can help your business, contact us today.