Optimize Offsite Operations With Key Insight Alerts

Optimize with Key Insight Alerts

Each Btracking account has the ability to generate powerful insights into your offsite operations, whether you are looking into assets, personnel or vehicles. In this post, you will find guidelines on how to set up some very simple alerts, but these alerts have the capability to provide an increased level of insights, and add value to your field operations.

Safety Alerts

Configure your account and ensure compliance levels with your company’s safety practices. It is always important to ensure better driving habits, secure the driver’s safety, incur less wear & tear on the vehicles, and avoid traffic violations. These alerts can be received instantaneously via email/SMS, shown on the platform, or simply used to measure incursions and compare across the fleet in daily/weekly automated reports. Key alerts to set-up within Btracking:

  • Seat Belt Usage Alerts
  • Harsh Braking Alerts
  • Excessive Acceleration Alerts
  • Harsh Cornering Alerts
  • Excessive Speed Alerts

Cost Impacting Alerts

Consider the impact on your bottom line from irresponsible usage of the vehicle. Most times, this is simply based on behaviors that have become commonplace over time. With visibility into such activities, you can help field operations become more efficient, and reduce cost impacts to your organization. Alerts & consolidated report comparisons that contribute to cost control are listed below:

  • Unauthorized/After Hour Usage of Vehicle Alerts
  • Excessive Idle Alerts
  • Late Work Starts/Early Exit From Work Site Alerts
  • Fuel Stolen Alerts
  • Tow Alerts
  • Vehicle Theft Alerts
  • Gas Tax Mileage Breakdown

Vehicle Maintenance Alerts

With Btracking fleet tracking solutions, you can keep track of your required maintenance tasks for each vehicle effectively, and ensure the best health for your fleet vehicles. Automate your vehicle schedules for maintenance as well as maintain the maintenance history all within the portal. Fleet managers can configure the platform to send automated reports sequenced in priority for those needing attention. Here are some of the relevant alerts you can set up for vehicle maintenance:

  • Vehicles Requiring Oil Changes
  • Tune-Ups
  • Vehicles with Leases Ending Soon
  • Tire-Rotations
  • Trade-In Value
  • Mileage Updates
  • Vehicle Maintenance History Completions

Talk to the Btracking team today if you want to find out more about setting up useful alerts in your GPS fleet tracking system.