Do You Need A GPS Fleet Tracking System For Your Small Fleet?

Do You Need a GPS Fleet Tracking System for Your Small Fleet

It is a common misconception that GPS fleet tracking and management system is only utilized for big firms that have tens or hundreds of vehicles in their fleet. No matter what the size of your fleet is, Btracking GPS fleet tracking system is designed to help you track, monitor, and manage your fleet in a more organized and convenient way.

Fleet managers in charge of small fleets often face a greater number of challenges in terms of budget constraints and must work tirelessly to meet their cost targets. Adopting a GPS fleet tracking system might seem to be an extra expense to small businesses with narrow profit margins, but in long term, it has the ability to offer greater cost savings and improved productivity.

So how does our Btracking GPS tracking system benefit small fleets? And should you really consider investing in a fleet management system? Discover the answer right now!

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking System for Small Fleets

GPS fleet tracking systems deliver advantages to both large businesses and small businesses alike. From fuel savings to reduced number of traffic tickets to better business operations, the Btracking fleet tracking system works in several ways to boost business productivity and efficiency. Our fleet management system provides you with greater control over your fleet and helps you review the performance of your vehicles in an organized manner so that you do not miss out a business opportunity.

Here are some features of Btracking’s GPS fleet tracking system that are particularly useful for businesses with a smaller fleet of 1 to 10 vehicles.

  • Fleet Maintenance Reports – There’s no doubt about it; fleet managers have to multi-task on their jobs. With so many things to do simultaneously, it is possible to overlook the maintenance needs of the fleet. Btracking fleet management system helps you to meet the maintenance needs of your fleet by providing you with reminders on performing fleet maintenance.
  • Route Optimization – Small businesses often feel challenged when it comes to delivering their goods or services to the customers in a timely manner. The number of customers to be served can often be larger than the number of vehicles in the fleet, making it difficult to achieve on-time deliveries. With route optimization, your drivers can avoid traffic congestion and reach the intended destinations on time, helping you to serve customers promptly.
  • Mobile Tracking – Fleet managers can enjoy enhanced mobility when using a web-based GPS tracking solution for fleet management. Our Btracking GPS fleet tracking system brings utmost convenience tp fleet managers by allowing them to track and monitor the vehicles from their smartphone or tablet or just about any computer with a working Internet connection.

Why Choose Btracking for Small Fleet Tracking?

Cost is the primary concern for small businesses looking to implement a GPS fleet tracking solution. Some initial expenses associated with GPS fleet tracking system are costs of installation, training, hardware, and more. For your benefit, Btracking has made it easy for you to implement an affordable GPS fleet tracking solution for small fleet management.

If you are interested in adopting a GPS fleet tracking system for your small fleet, you can get a free quote by filling up our online form.