Logging Hours Of Service Electronically With Btracking’s E-log Solutions

Logging Hours of Service Electronically with Btracking’s E-log Solutions

Gone are the days when one had to depend on manual entries in logbooks to keep track of hours of service. With the introduction of GPS fleet management systems, managing the logbook and recording and compilation of information has become a fully automated process. Btracking fleet management system helps fleet managers by eliminating the need of paperwork and by ensuring compliance to rules and regulations.

Fast and easy data entry with Btracking’s E-log solutions

Hours of Service (HOS) or e-Log solutions have gained immense popularity over the past few years, but still many fleet managers are unaware of the potential benefits of this amazing technology. In order to understand the true potential of HOS, one must know that how does this system work and what it does. In this post, we introduce our readers to Btracking e-Log solution to help them understand why it is a must-have for their fleet business.

What is an E-log Solution?

Btracking’s E-log solution is a fully automated system that completely eliminates the need of manual logbook entries. It is an automated system that allows data entry from an electronic device and reduces the risk of human error. It is designed to ensure compliance with FMCSA-issued regulations for drivers operating commercial vehicles. The all-purpose solution makes data entry and record easier by automating the entire process. From data entry to recording and storage, everything can be done right from the driver’s cab without the need of a physical logbook.

What are the Benefits of E-log Solutions?

Btracking E-log solutions are designed to make life easier for both fleet managers and drivers. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits that an E-log solution offers to a business.

Benefits for fleet managers

  • Improved communication – E-log solutions connect drivers and managers. With this automated system, managers can review updated statuses of drivers and assign tasks to them accordingly.
  • Comprehensive data history – Btracking E-log solutions are capable of storing up to eight days worth of data, so you can easily review the history and resolve a customer complaint.
  • Easy integration – As mentioned, the E-log solution is designed to enhance convenience for fleet managers. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with other components via a standard J-bus connection.

Benefits for Drivers

  • Time saving – The number one advantage of E-log solutions is that drivers are not required to go through the hassle of manual data entry. In addition, time savings, electronic data entry also reduces the risk of human error.
  • User-friendly – The user-friendly interface enables fast and accurate data entry.
  • Fast retrieval – All data entered by drivers is immediately sent to the administrator’s computer via wireless network and can be reviewed by managers in real-time.

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