Why Should You Launch A Driver Safety Program?

driver safety program

Employers need to work toward reducing the number of deaths and injuries that are caused by vehicle collisions. However, putting a stop to speeding problems require action. They have to positively influence driver safety through safety-focused leadership, as well as on and off the job. So, what’s a feasible solution to resolve these issues? Have you considered about launching a driver safety program that helps enhance driver productivity and protection? If you have not, you should because safe driving campaigns are known to help improve cost savings and driver well-being. It is a win-win situation for everyone! Let’s look at why you should launch such a program:

Reason #1: Reduce Accidental Crashes

Traffic accidents in the United States have been found to cost employers nearly $48 billion in direct crash-related expenses. These expenses are added up from property damage, productivity losses, liability, and medical care. Speeding alone has also resulted in more than $8 billion in crash-related expenses for employers. Nearly $8.3 billion are related to cases of distracted driving. With that in mind, speeding is a leading contributor to traffic crashes. In fact, it has been linked to nearly 30% of all fatal crashes; almost 9,700 lives were lost in speeding-related crashes.

Reason #2: Increase Opportunities for Cost Savings

If you can reduce speeding cases, you will be able to enjoy significant cost savings. As employers, you will be able to free up cash to redirect them to more important areas. Let’s pretend that you utilize about 118 gallons of fuel annually. Next, the additional cost per gallon is approximately $0.70. This means that you can save about $100 extra per vehicle each year. If you manage a fleet of 500 vehicles, you have an annual savings opportunity of $50,000!

Next, let’s look at the annual savings opportunity for collision repairs (physical damage). If the total fleet average collision repair costs about $2,300, you are looking at the possibility of being able to save $230,000 annually. Currently, the industry average is ($16,500, including workers’ compensation, liability, etc. If you use half of it, you are looking at an annual savings opportunity of $825,000.

Reason #3:  Save More on Fuel and Emission

Did you know that gas mileage tends to decrease rapidly at speeds above 50 mph? If you drive over 50 mph, you may need to pay an extra $0.16 to $0.32 per gallon for gas, for every 5 mph! If your drivers can drive within the speed limit and maintain a consistent speed throughout their journey, they can help reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions by more than a ton annually.

Quick Tips on Launching a Successful Driver Safety Program

recruit and retain driversIf you are convinced on the benefits of launching a driver safety program, the next step you should take is to think about how best to create such an initiative. First, you should start by setting clear goals, find a sponsor and identify a campaign manager, draw up a plan, promote the upcoming program, and finally evaluate its impact on your company. You would want to make sure that you are including employees on the campaign committee, and also use visuals such as posters with facts to communicate your message. This helps keep the enthusiasm and interest going.

To make your job easier, you can install GPS tracking devices in your company’s vehicle. You will be able to get instant feedback on your drivers’ behaviors while on the road.