Knowing The Business Benefits Of GPS Fleet Tracking

Position with Street View Time and date stamp

A business must know its strengths and weaknesses in order to stay ahead of its competitors. GPS tracking systems deliver incredible benefits to fleet businesses by allowing them to understand where their assets are and how efficiently they are performing. Btracking fleet tracking solutions give fleet managers a deeper understanding of their business operations by providing enormous opportunities to boost their business and creating competitive advantages.

From reduced fuel and labor costs to increased ROI and customer satisfaction, Btracking fleet tracking systems offer numerous business advantages. According to a whitepaper published by a multinational software company, GPS fleet tracking results in:

  • 11% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 11% increase in service delivery and revenue
  • 7% increase in productivity (number of jobs completed per day)
  • 9% decrease in idle time
  • 8% decrease in speeding accidents
  • 6% decrease in accidents

Let’s go into detail about why considering the usage of Btracking fleet tracking and management systems is a good move:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Btracking vehicle tracking solutions offer numerous unique features such as route optimization that helps the driver select the most optimal route, resulting in fuel savings and enhanced efficiency.With fleet tracking solutions, the customer services representative can know the exact location of the company’s vehicles. This way, customers can receive an accurate estimated delivery time. It also enables driver to select the shortest possible route to their destination to avoid traffic jams, which in turn increases customer retention and satisfaction rates.

Increased Productivity and Revenue

With the ability to oversee daily business operations, the manager can identify areas for improvements and thoroughly plan routine tasks. In addition, GPS fleet tracking systems make sure drivers know that they are being closely monitored, and as a result, they will avoid taking unnecessary breaks. This collectively eliminates inefficiencies and increases productivity, resulting in more sales and revenue.

Improved Driving Habits and Safety 

For real-time tracking and monitoring, it is important to choose a fleet tracking system that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Btracking fleet tracking solutions provide you real time reporting and monitoring of your assets even through your smartphones.

Accidents caused by speeding or erratic driving not only causes injuries, it also results in penalties and cause damage to company’s reputation. With GPS fleet tracking systems, you can get alerts for speeding and erratic driving, and counsel and train your drivers to improve their driving habits.

Fleet tracking and management solutions offered by Btracking provide consistent driver safety alerts. With our GPS-based tracking solutions, you can get real time information about speeding, hard braking, hard turns, and rapid acceleration.

Btracking Fleet Tracking Solutions Can Do Wonders for Your Business

Btracking fleet tracking solutions are ideal for motivated fleet managers looking to increase their team’s productivity and efficiency. With numerous value-added features, Btracking fleet tracking solutions can help you streamline your business operations and communication in a cost-effective manner.

Our GPS tracking and fleet management solutions cost about only 50 cents per day. Call us at 1-866-233-0953 or fill our online contact form to request a free demo of our vehicle tracking solutions.