Know Who’s Driving with Automatic Driver ID

driver safety program

Often, company vehicles are pooled so that any driver can use a vehicle. But how does a business keep track of which driver is using a vehicle? How long it was used for, and how far it was driven? It’s simple with Btracking’s automatic Driver ID.

Our OBD II plug-in vehicle trackers come with low-energy bluetooth (BLE) installed. Once ignition is turned on, the key fob transmits the driver’s information to the GPS tracker and from there to the mapping platform. Now, driving and timekeeping reports can be created for drivers automatically. It’s as simple as that!

But that’s not all. Perhaps you allow only certain persons to use certain vehicles. Btracking makes this easy. You can both identify drivers and allow only authorized persons to start a vehicle. You can even use your company’s existing RFID cards or HID cards, the same cards used as building entry passes.

Check out Btracking’s unbeatable automatic Driver ID features today!