Introducing Your Employees To A GPS Fleet Tracking System

Introducing GPS SystemBeing a fleet manager, it can be quite easy for you to understand the business benefits of a GPS fleet management system, but such a system may be mistakenly interpreted as “spying software” to your drivers. Therefore, if you are considering to invest in a GPS fleet tracking system, you should first get your drivers on-board and help them understand how it can be beneficial, both for the company’s profitability and their own safety.

Implementing a GPS fleet tracking and management solution represents a major change for most organizations, especially those that have been relying on manual logbooks. It requires time and efforts to answer all the concerns of the drivers about how the new technology will impact their day-to-day operations and their performance.

To help you make a seamless transition to using a GPS fleet tracking system, we are listing three ways through which you can gain your employees’ trust and benefit from this investment.

Be Honest

Though this may sound quite obvious, it is still very crucial. You need to let your employees know from the very first day that the GPS fleet management system improves business efficiency and performance by identifying potential problem areas, which can be anything from excessive idling to after-hours use of company’s resources.

It is common to find employees skeptical to change, but do not fret. Tell them that change is good and make them understand that this is beneficial for their safety and well-being. You may also offer incentives to drivers who stay within the speed limit to encourage them in embracing the tracking system.

Explain the GPS Tracking System

Taxi DriverYour employees are going to be the first-hand users of your GPS fleet tracking system. Therefore, make sure that they understand what GPS technology is and what is the fleet tracking system supposed to do. Tell them what kind of information will be monitored and stored, and how it is useful for the company.

For example, explain how mapping and routing make it easier for them to reach destinations in the shortest possible time. You may also provide statistics about the reduction in the number of accidents and improved driver safety after an implementation of GPS technology.

Make it a Win-Win Situation

GPS technology is advantageous to both drivers and the company. Emphasize on the positives for the driver. Explain how it can save them from liabilities. You may quote an example of your competitors that how GPS technology saved their employees from insurance scam. To conclude, make it look a win-win situation for everyone to motivate your staff.

As you can see, a fleet tracking and management system helps everyone in the company by making operational processes more efficient. The more efficient you are, the more money your company makes. And the more profitable the company, the better off everyone will be!

So, if you are ready to embrace change, contact Btracking at 1-866-233-0953 today.