Industry Spotlight: GPS Tracking For Waste Management Businesses

GPS Tracking For Waste Management Businesses

It has been proven that telematics can provide tremendous benefits to business owners that specialize in waste management. Garbage transportation vehicles need to be driven on a daily basis. Any time that can be shaved off the route actually does help the company save money. Note that the aforementioned is not similar to bus routes that must keep to a certain schedule. At Btracking, we are offering industry-leading GPS tracking solutions that can drastically improve operational procedures for waste management businesses.

About Waste Management Businesses

waste management businessesWaste management specialists are in the business of ensuring the proper disposal of waste. They are particularly important for Construction and Demolition operations, or for normal residential and commercial waste disposal. Without waste management companies, the buildings we live and work in would not remain in ideal and sanitary conditions.

Knowing your waste management trucks punctually collecting trash and rubbish in their designated areas, gives you a sense of relief. But when they are delayed, by traffic jams or vehicle break downs, you feel the exact opposite. Next, heavy and large vehicles like dump trucks tend to consume more fuel than ordinary vehicles. As the price of gasoline is not cheap in today’s market, the fuel cost of running these machines can be high. That’s why proper fleet management is required. You should not leave any bad driving behaviors and inefficient route usage unchecked. It will only add up to the already-stiff expenses.

This is where Btracking comes in. We can help ensure that those issues be remedied by installing GPS trackers that are designed for waste management businesses.

What Btracking Can Do for Waste Management Businesses

Our GPS waste management trackers are designed to fit in the palm of your hand and can be easily connected to most vehicles. You will be able to collect all the GPS information you need from your vehicles’ engine and other onboard sensors. Next, our devices will transmit the data back to fleet managers via the latest encryption technology.

That’s not all as you can also use our GPS tracking devices to check how full a vehicle’s storage is. This allows your fleet manager to amend plans as necessary. You may be pleased to know that our devices also come with a driver bookmark feature that provides a view into the truck’s receptacle. You will also be able to record bin tagged beacons (for all your deployed bins) or whenever a load is lifted.

Did you know that our GPS systems are also designed to improve driver safety? You can generate driver reports to reward good drivers and help those that need improvement. Some business owners have opted for trackers that provide instant, in-vehicle feedback to drivers. They can give audible warnings for harsh braking, revving the engine unnecessarily, and speeding.

Facilitating Stellar Data Management for Both Fleet Managers and Clients

Yes, you’ve heard that right. With our waste management GPS trackers, you will be able to scrutinize the time spent in each step of the waste management process. This is useful for fleet managers because they are on the constant lookout for ways to improve accessibility to trash receptacles at designated sites. In addition, some waste management clients want to be informed of the duration and frequency of each waste bin lift. If your clients need such data, GPS trackers can provide verifiable proof of service.