Industry Spotlight: GPS Tracking For Security Businesses

GPS tracking for security businesses

When you are in the security industry, you are responsible for protecting three major entities: your vehicles, property, and clients. Your clients trust you to protect the places, people, and other valuable assets that matter most to them. A cost-effective way for security businesses to meet that demand and guarantee protection for your clients is to monitor critical assets with a GPS tracking solution.

What Btracking Offers for Security Businesses

  • Respond to customer emergencies: You can get real-time fleet updates and other important information when it counts. You will be able to locate the closest available security vehicle and dispatch it to an emergency site.
  • Ensures accountability: You can ensure that your team of security officers is meeting post compliance. For example, you can confirm if a security post is filled as scheduled, officer arriving at the job site on time, and more.
  • Enhances safety: GPS fleet tracking software provides driver metrics pertaining to speeding, hard stops, fast acceleration, idle time, and total drive time. This helps to ensure the safety of your security patrol team. If one of your team members meet with an accident, he or she can provide their exact location so that emergency medical services can be dispatched without delay.
  • Provides proof of service: As a security service provider, ensuring invoice accuracy for your clients is of utmost importance. You need to show official proof that your company has completed a job according to initial agreements, to avoid disputes.
  • Serve more customers in one working day: GPS fleet tracking can optimize your drivers’ schedules so that you can accept more than one security job on the same day. It helps you achieve a smooth working experience.

Make Sure You Choose a GPS Tracking Solution that Matches Your Security Business Needs

When you are looking to get a fleet management tracking system for your security business, it is pertinent that you first identify your specific business needs. Btracking offers a flexible GPS platform that can be employed to provide increased security for your clients, to increase your security fleet’s visibility, reduce operating costs, and ensure staff safety.

You may need to consider questions such as:

  • Do I provide security services that require constant monitoring for my clients?
  • Do I need to share or separate assets that I am monitoring?
  • What asset types are my company currently hired to secure?
  • How am I currently monitoring the location of the assets?

Why Choose Btracking’s GPS Tracking Solutions for Security Businesses?

Btracking’s fleet management solutions are constructed with security in mind. Our web-based platform is secure and can be accessed anywhere, as long as there is an available Internet connection. What’s more, our solutions come with many add-on features that can enhance your security company’s operations. We understand that you care for your workers’ safety and that’s why our trackers offer lone worker protection as well. Personnel that have been assigned to dangerous assignments can make use of a manual panic button to alert your office if they are facing trouble.