Industry Spotlight: GPS Tracking For Movers

GPS tracking for movers

Do you manage or own a moving company and need to manage multiple vehicles? Oftentimes, you may ask yourself where your vehicles are in real-time, how they are being maximized, the productivity levels of your drivers, and how you can protect your brand reputation and drivers in the face of accident claims, theft, and customer disputes. This is where a GPS fleet management system comes into the picture. You will be able to retrieve detailed information regarding the usage and location of your vehicles in real-time. Let’s find out more about GPS tracking solutions for movers.

About the Moving Industry

The fleet of a moving company can comprise of cargo vans, pickups, and 10/14/17/20/24/26-foot trucks. Running a moving business is not always easy because owners have to pay attention towards a wide array of tasks. In addition, one’s workload would increase over time and exceed what you can actually handle. However, there is a way for movers to leverage modern technology to makes their lives easier. The answer is to integrate GPS tracking solutions into their core business processes.

Common Fleet Management Concerns for the Moving Industry

Most moving clients are truly appreciative when they know the location of their belongings – before, during, and after you pick up their stuff. The last thing that you want on your list is to lose communication with the moving truck. Another major concern is if your clients’ belongings have been sent to the correct location and state. With GPS trackers, you can automate routes that are the most efficient – helping to drive your bottom line.

It is normal for a majority of movers to want to gain control of their fleet of moving trucks and enable drivers to be more productive while on duty. Drivers who drive out of the authorized area or make unauthorized stops on purpose can take money out of your pocket. The time that was wasted could have been invested in another job. That’s why monitoring drivers’ behavior has become a hot topic in recent years.

Why Should Professional Movers Use GPS Tracking Solutions?

If you know where and how your fleet is moving at all times, you will be able to make better business decisions that can save your company both money and time. When a customer engages your company for an emergency local moving job, you can dispatch the nearest moving truck to the job location, to make sure you secure the deal. Most importantly, GPS fleet tracking systems are designed to boost customer confidence and promote the quality of your company.

Other prominent benefits include:

  • Discourage unauthorized use of your vehicles
  • Improve financial management
  • Monitor vehicle functions that use power take-off
  • Enhance overall fleet safety
  • Theft deterrent and faster theft recovery
  • Streamline reporting and paperwork
  • Earn potential discounts on insurance premium
  • Automate fleet maintenance schedules
  • Automated alerts for status changes
  • Eliminate unscheduled detours and stops
  • Faster roadside assistance
  • Gather benchmarking data
  • Gain proof of on-time service
  • Beneficial for audit preparation
  • … and more!

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