Industry Spotlight: GPS Tracking For Emergency Responders

GPS Tracking For Emergency Responders

When it comes to saving lives, reducing the emergency response time is critical to success. When an ambulance or a fire truck is equipped with a GPS tracking device, dispatchers easily locate the nearest vehicles so they can arrive on scene within minutes. Let’s find out how emergency responders can benefit from GPS tracking solutions in this industry spotlight!

About the Emergency Responders Industry

When an emergency call is made, one minute might mean the difference between life and death. That means each minute between the ambulances’ arrival and the emergency call is critical. Dispatchers are required to pick out the ambulance that’s nearest to the scene and dispatch it pronto. With emergency responders GPS tracking, dispatches will not have to make wild guesses which vehicle is the closest anymore.

How GPS Tracking Helps Emergency Responders?

With an emergency vehicle tracker, paramedics will not have to rely only on their memory to figure out the best route to the emergency site. GPS tracking devices can be used to take care of the task. It will determine the most efficient and fastest route to the scene so that paramedics only have to focus on getting there. The last thing that emergency responders want to experience is losing their way when called to attend an emergency. GPS trackers can provide step by step and turn by turn directions, even when you are driving to a remote location.

Tried and Tested

GPS trackers have been utilized to help emergency responders operate better in the Ozark foothills. They were used to help volunteer firefighters locate approximately 300 local fire hydrants. This is an extremely helpful resource as it is often difficult for volunteers to be able to know the exact locations of all the fire hydrants within the area. When emergency responders are dispatched, firefighters receive GPS location information electronically.

Next, GPS technology shaves off precious minutes of critical emergency response time. Responders no longer need to searching through paperwork or go door to door asking residents where the hydrant locations are. As you can see, there is no room for such practices. Fire fighters still have to spend time determining the correct length of the hose, the type of connectors needed, the pumping capability, and more.

Ozark foothills feature steep canyon trails that are often unlit and are only accessible by foot. Since cell phones can be used to send GPS signals to emergency dispatch teams, search and rescue teams will be able to find stranded or lost boaters, hikers, and campers, even in the darkness or rugged terrain.

What Btracking Can Do for Emergency Responders

Btracking’s GPS tracking solutions for emergency responders can be used to monitor ambulance and fire fighter drivers. It can also help the owner keep track of their locations. With an extremely short refresh rate, response time is significantly cut down so that more lives can be saved. Our GPS systems also have the ability to monitor your vehicles when their sirens are turned on and off. You or your dispatches will be able to monitor your vehicles and receive alerts in real-time, especially when an emergency call comes in.