Protect Your Fleet Against Unjust Damage Claims

When a business finds itself facing a lawsuit, it often becomes difficult to collect evidence that can back up its claims and protect the company’s reputation and image. Oftentimes, the law gives benefit of doubt to the claimant, which means that your company could end up bearing thousands, and sometimes even millions of dollars in settlements.

Fleet businesses are more susceptible to such lawsuits, which ultimately affects their progress towards strategic goals, their profitability, and even survival. So what can you do as a fleet manager to protect you fleet and defend against false damage claims? We consulted several fleet management experts and found that most of them consider Btracking GPS fleet tracking and management system a primary requirement for defending your business against false claims.

Let’s explore how a GPS fleet tracking system can provide you valuable evidence and protect you from paying thousands of dollars in legal fees.

GPS Tracking Helps You Avoid Unfair Litigation

Btracking Be Better1There are many dishonest people in this world that consider company trucks a wealth-forming opportunity. They may falsely claim that your company’s vehicle damaged their property and cost your company thousands of dollars.

With Btracking fleet tracking system, it is possible to review historical location data to prove that your truck was not present at the claimed location. The system also provides you valuable performance metrics such as speeding and idling history, and can save your company from expensive lawsuits.

GPS Tracking Helps You Determine Liability

What do you do when one of your drivers is actually involved in the accident? Do you find yourself liable to pay for the lawsuit because they were driving your company’s truck? What if they were using your company’s asset for personal use after work hours? Btracking GPS fleet tracking system answers all these questions. You can preset job locations in the system and easily determine if your employees were making unauthorized use of your vehicles.

GPS Tracking Expedites Claim Processing

Only those who have faced a lawsuit can understand the trouble of attending court hearings and collecting evidence from witnesses. Defending your company against a false claim is a time-consuming process that involves interviewing witnesses, who may also have foggy memories or are unsure about the details of the incident. That’s why, having a GPS tracking system in place saves you time and money by providing evidence and accelerating claim processing.

It is better to have a defense system in place before you find yourself facing an unjust damage claim. Contact Btracking today at 1-866-233-0953 to find the right GPS tracking solution for your fleet.