How GPS Tracking Solutions Can Optimize the Performance of Your Sales Team

How GPS Tracking Solutions Can Optimize the Performance of Your Sales Team

Gps On Map ImgIt is a common misconception that GPS vehicle tracking systems are useful for fleet businesses only. As a matter of fact, these tracking solutions can be used to monitor and optimize the performance of any company that has a sales team working in the field. With vehicle tracking solutions, you can make sure that your sales team is performing at peak levels and delivering their best to your customers.

Let’s look at how GPS vehicle tracking solutions work to improve the efficiency of your sales personnel:

Mileage Reimbursement Made Easy!

One of the most time-consuming tasks a manager has to do is to provide reimbursement to sales representatives who use personal vehicles for business-related tasks. The process can be automated by using Btracking GPS vehicle tracking software. Our GPS tracking solutions provide you with accurate and updated information about distance traveled and prevent you from overpaying reimbursement claims.

Man Talking On Phone ImgAvoid Sales Territory Disputes

With Btracking GPS tracking solutions, you can set up Easy GeofencesTM for each vehicle and receive notification when a sales rep enters or exits a particular territory. This saves you from the headache of resolving territory disputes among sales personnel, and also makes them focus on a particular location or region to deliver best sales results.

Identify and Replicate Best Practices

Every sales team has a few top performers that bring the most revenue to the company. With a fleet management system, you can identify what those top performers are doing differently and make others adopt the best practices to make your entire sales team more productive and efficient.

Monitor Your Sales Reps

Sales people enjoy the most freedom since they are working in the field all the time. The sense of being unmonitored may tempt them to use company’s resources for personal use or to exhibit inappropriate behaviors such as idling. This results in a loss of efficiency and can potentially cost your company money in the form of excessive fuel costs, disgruntled customers, and etc. With the implementation of a GPS vehicle tracking system, your sales team will know that they are being monitored, which naturally improves their work performance in the field.

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