How A GPS Fleet Tracking System Can Improve The Safety Of Your Drivers

safety of your drivers

Vehicles Accidents ImgAs a fleet manager, even though you are responsible for the well-being and safety of your drivers, it is almost impossible to know the driving habits of your employees while you are sitting in your office. Traditionally, you get to know about inappropriate driving behaviors only when an incident has occurred.

Ensuring drivers’ safety is essential as it impacts the reputation of your company and can affect your operational expenses. Speeding, careless lane changing, failure to use indicators, failure to use traffic signals, and more, can lead to traffic tickets and even accidents. To reduce the likelihood of accidents, it is important that you use a GPS fleet tracking system to deter drivers from driving dangerously.

Let’s look at different ways through which a GPS fleet tracking and management system can work to minimize safety risks and help your drivers to prevent accidents, and your company from facing potential lawsuits.

Monitor Driving Behavior

A vast majority of accidents occur due to exhibition of inappropriate driving behaviors such as speeding, turning negligently, tailgating, and etc. Your drivers are more likely to drive safely when they know that their activities are being monitored. Btracking GPS fleet tracking system contributes to enhanced safety of your drivers by enabling you to monitor your employees’ activities round the clock. The system provides alerts for speeding, unauthorized usage, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and more.

Safety First ImgPromote Smarter Navigation

Most drivers are often preoccupied with the stress of reaching their destinations on time. Btracking fleet tracking solutions provide worldwide mapping coverage with Google Maps and keep your drivers on optimized routes by providing them turn-by-turn directions. Also, through a wireless network, you can connect with your drivers conveniently, and hence avoid the distraction caused by a cell phone.

Keep Vehicles in Good Shape

Proper maintenance of vehicles is essential to extend the lifespan of your fleet and to avoid any inconvenient situations on the road. Btracking fleet management solutions provides you with comprehensive reports about the performance of your vehicles and alerts you when there is a need for vehicle maintenance. With the feature of maintenance alerts, you can set alerts by mileage, engine on time, calendar time, and view upcoming and overdue maintenance needs.

All these features offered by Btracking fleet management solutions help to promote a safer work environment for your company’s drivers and those around them. If you would like to know more about our services and products, call us at 1-866-233-0953.