Fleet Data Simplified With Btracking GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Data Simplified with Btracking GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Businesses are becoming more data-driven today, and with increasing volumes of data, it has become very difficult to manage and analyze this data manually. Just like any other business, fleet managers also face the challenge of managing an overwhelming volume of data and should use fleet maintenance solutions that can make this task easier for them.

Btracking provides technologically advanced, highly functional fleet tracking and management system to businesses who are seeking a solution that can make improve their performance and productivity. One of the biggest strengths of our GPS fleet management system is its ability to capture real-time data and present this in an easily comprehensible form.

In this post, we will highlight on how using Btracking’s fleet management solution can improve your data-analyzing capabilities and help you make more data-driven decisions.

Maintenance Reports

Missed or delayed maintenance can affect the performance of your fleet and cost you time and money. On the other hand, taking vehicles off road for maintenance also results in inefficiency and can impact your service delivery. Btracking’s fleet management system helps you avoid these two issues by helping you keep track of which vehicles need maintenance and when maintenance is warranted. The system can also send you automated emails daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your preferences.

Also, with our fleet management system, you can access maintenance history to know what kinds of services were done in the last maintenance session, and avoid over-maintenance costs.

Electronic Logging System

Btracking’s e-logging or Hours of Service (HOS) software helps you to fulfill the regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of accidents caused by overworked, exhausted drivers. With the HOS software, you can keep track of working hours of each driver and prevent them from making over-time claims. This eventually results in reduced operating costs and increased productivity.

Safety Analytics

Another useful feature of Btracking fleet tracking system is safety analytics. The system provides you real-time data of any speeding incidents, excessive idling, harsh braking, and other unsafe driving behaviors. Fleet managers can use this information to provide training to unsafe drivers and improve their driving habits. The system also helps you in identifying the safest and most efficient drivers who can be rewarded with a bonus pay or other incentives.

As you should know by now, it can become overwhelming for a fleet manager to manage maintenance schedules, location data, regulatory requirements, safety issues, and so much more. Our GPS fleet management system makes the interpretation of this data simpler and easier. All in all, the system adds value to your business by enabling you to make more profitable decisions!