Pinpoint Most Frequented Locations with Hot Spots

Hot Spots find most frequented locations

Instantly pinpoint most frequented locations with our unique Hot Spots feature from Btracking. It’s one of our most popular and useful GPS Fleet Tracking Services, therefore it’s an easy way to bring accountability and efficiency to the mobile workforce.

Choose a start date, a timeframe up to 30 days, and a minimum stop duration, and run Hot Spots. Zero in on visited areas from as small as 250 feet to as large as one mile.

The locations most frequently visited appear in a list with addresses and dates/times for each visit. Each location appears as a “heat mapped” dot on the map. Thus, dots appear blue for fewer visits, yellow for more visits, and red for many visits.

Create Geofences or Points of Interest from Hot Spots

Once you’ve discovered the most frequented locations with Hot Spots, easily create a Geofence or a Point of Interest with a single click. Use geofences and points of interest to track or be alerted whenever a vehicle or person moves into or out of an area, and length of stay.

Hot Spots Pinpoint Most Frequented Locations Instantly

  • Find locations your staff and vehicles are frequenting.
  • Determine if frequency and/or length of stay at certain locations is appropriate.
  • Use Hot Spots as a simple way to identify locations for creating a geofence.
  • Use for time reporting.

Hot Spots make GPS Fleet Tracking Easier

Today you can find a wide variety of vehicle tracking solutions on the market. Therefore, when searching for the right system, make sure to choose one that offers fleet managers the tools they need. Btracking is a highly respected GPS Vehicle Tracking system with a comprehensive suite of tools to improve the efficiency of your fleet. With Hot Spots, Btracking is one of the only GPS tracking systems to provide a tool to pinpoint frequently visited locations. Call Btracking for a demo today!