Easy Geofences – Geofencing Made Simple!


One of the most important qualities that GPS vehicle tracking systems should have is that they do more than just merely locating a vehicle. More than simply informing you of your vehicle’s location, Btracking Easy GeofencesTM comes with an array of dynamic features that arm you with critical information. Let’s find out how Btracking makes geofencing easy and simple!

What is Geofencing?

Easy Geofences - GeofencingGeofencing is designed to alert you when one of your drivers deviate from a designated route. Our aim is to take this feature to another level by allowing our users to easily and quickly set up geographic boundaries around specific areas – to give you the ability to customize, assign, unassign, and create geofences in an instant!

If any of your company’s vehicles enter or leave those boundaries, you can choose to receive prompts and alerts on a wide variety of devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more.

Apart from keeping track of your vehicles’ movement within a particular area, you will also be able to acquire data pertaining to its length of stay! This means that you can customize to encompass minimum stay requirements or only work hours as needed.

Making Geofencing Easy | Easy GeofencesTM by Btracking

When it comes to setting up geofences and points of interest (POI’s), here’s what Btracking’s Easy GeofencesTM can do for you:

  • Enabling nesting of geofences and POI’s. You will be able to set a geofence around a single town and multiple geofences within it
  • Get instant reports and alerts to track exit and entry times and length of stay
  • Instant assignment of geofences and POI’s to an individual and vehicle or a group of them
  • Utilize easy geofences to designate regularly visited cities, towns, buildings, clients, and work sites
  • Create geofences simply by clicking on the map, the current location of a team member or vehicle, or a route that has already been driven

Why You Can Trust Btracking For Geofencing

Geofences 2Btracking is established in 2009 and based in Danbury, CT. We provide industry-leading GPS tracking solutions and GPS trackers that are suited for a wide array of applications. They include tablet and mobile tracking, asset tracking, fleet tracking, truck tracking, and vehicle tracking. You can rest assured that we have vast experience in serving businesses through the United States.

As a leader in telematics, we have designed and developed our mobile-based and feature-rich PC mobile-based Mapping Platform to come with a complete suite of alerts and reports. If you would like to schedule a live demonstration of our system and how Easy GeofencesTM can work for your business, feel free to call us at 1-866- 233-0953 or send us an email at info@btracking.com.