Create Driver Scorecard Challenges!

Create Driver Scorecard Challenges!

Are you or your fleet managers concerned about driver behavior? Too many tickets, fender benders and wear and tear – or worse – cutting into the bottom line? Want to use a Driver Scorecard to monitor driver performance and improve fleet safety, but not sure it will have the desired effect on attitude and morale? 

What’s a Driver Scorecard anyway? 

When a harsh driving event happens, it’s recorded. Speeding, harsh acceleration, hard braking, and aggressive cornering are examples. Excessive idling, unauthorized use after hours, and night time driving are examples of other items that might go on a scorecard. In a GPS Fleet Tracking telematics system, a Driver Scorecard compiles all these events, computes a weighted score for each driver, and ranks drivers against benchmarks and/or each other.

That’s the easy part. The hard part is using this information productively to get your drivers to improve their own behavior, and boost morale at the same time.

Context and Reward

It’s a given that simply presenting driver scores and rankings won’t go over well without context and without reward. Instead, identify company goals and objectives that relate to improving driver performance, and then prioritize what you want to accomplish and over what timeframe. Most Driver Scorecards, like the Btracking Driver Scorecard, can be easily configured to include or exclude events, change weights, and more.

Now turn it into a challenge for your drivers! Choose an improvement objective, pick a time period over which you want to improve driver safety and see improvement in that area, and score only those events over that period. Offer a reward, like a gift card or paid day off to the driver with the highest score, or the driver with the largest improvement over the period!

Perhaps you want to cut down on after hours vehicle use and night driving, so just score those events. Maybe you want to put a stop to all those speeding tickets, so score only speeding events. If the goal is to increase revenue without affecting safety, then score drivers on speeding and harsh driving events and include revenue earned or jobs completed to the scoring. Maybe it’s fuel usage you want to reduce, so focus on excess idling events and speed above a certain threshold. Using some imagination, you can create a series of challenges and celebrate a winner each week, month or quarter.

By doing this, you can post driver scores and rankings. Drivers will want to see how they are doing against their peers on each challenge. That should improve safe driving and morale!

Keep Improving

There are many advantages to using GPS Fleet Tracking telematics solutions. Improving fleet safety through Driver Scorecard challenges is one. With so much information available, a little imagination can bring a whole host of improvements to your business!