An Overview Of Btracking API for Asset/Vehicle/Employee Tracking

Btracking API for Asset/ Vehicle/ Container & Employee Tracking- API

Are your offiste resources deployed efficiently?

Wondering how you can increase profits with better cost controls over offsite resources?

The demand for increased visibility and transparency into mobile work forces and assets continues to grow, whether deployed for Asset Tracking, Employee Tracking, Vehicle Tracking or Container Tracking – the benefits gained can be exponential.

We invite you to review our portfolio of services at Consider us for your dispatching, routing, and asset tagging needs, or when you require solutions for real-time tracking and automated reporting.

Features of Our Asset/Vehicle/Employee Tracking Hardware

  • Motion Sensors
  • Remote Ignition Kill switch (for unauthorized use or theft)
  • Back Up Battery
  • Lock/Unlock Door Functions
  • Temperature Sensors
  • OTA (Over the Air Programming)
  • Diagnostics View (Hard braking/ Fast acceleration, etc.)
  • Maintenance Schedule Logs
  • Tire Pressure Reporting
  • Ping on Demand
  • … and more!

Options like ‘street-view’ provide you with complete visibility into the offsite surroundings of your tracked asset or employee.

Talk to the Btracking team today to find out how you can use GPS tracking to improve your business operations!