Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics Solutions Provided By GPS Tracking Systems

Advanced Vehicle Diagnostics Solutions Provided by GPS Tracking Systems

Today, almost every business that has a fleet of vehicles to deliver services or products to its customers will utilize GPS fleet tracking and management systems. The purpose of using GPS tracking systems can be different for different companies; some want to keep a check on the activities of their drivers, while other may use GPS tracking systems to provide their customers with accurate ETAs and improve their customer service delivery. Whatever the purpose is, GPS fleet tracking systems are beneficial to both small and large businesses alike.

Btracking vehicle tracking system has a highly sensitive GPS receiver that is designed to instantly find satellites and provide real-time information to the user. One unique feature offered by Btracking GPS fleet tracking and management system is its ability to provide comprehensive data about vehicle’s performance and activity. This information enables the manager to keep track of regular maintenance requirements of the vehicle and potential problem areas.

Let’s have a look at how Btracking fleet tracking systems provide a real-time picture of the vehicle’s health and maintenance requirements.

Vehicle Maintenance Schedules

The Btracking fleet management system helps users to keep their service levels and fleet performance updated. The system allows the user to set maintenance reminders and provides updated reports on vehicles due for maintenance. With the help of Fleet Report VIN and Odometer, the users can review maintenance needs and due dates of all the vehicles in their fleet in a comprehensive form.

A simple template is provided to the user where they can keep track of regular maintenance requirements such as oil change, brake inspection, tire rotations tune up, etc. Users can also set the frequency of maintenance due dates on the basis of mileage or engine hours.

Vehicle Performance Reports

Not only does the GPS fleet tracking and management system provided by Btracking maintains a record of future maintenance requirements, it also provides regular comprehensive reports about vehicles performance to reduce vehicle downtime. Some the reports provided by our GPS tracking system include:

  • Approximate mileage report – The system provides daily reports of approximate mileage for every vehicle.
  • Detailed activity report – Provides detailed information about daily trips such as status, speed, battery level, and fuel usage.
  • Vehicle utilization report – Displays vehicles usage as a percentage of your fleet.
  • Maintenance history reports – Provides detailed information about maintenance history of every vehicle in your fleet.
  • Trip report – Displays information about trip such as address, status, idling time, and a summary of the trip.

All in all, the Btracking GPS fleet tracking and management system provides 25 comprehensive reports to the user. These reports are in addition to the real-time alerts and notifications such as speeding alerts, route deviation alerts, point of interest alerts (POI), etc.

As you can see, the Btracking GPS vehicle tracking solution is great for any fleet manager looking to improve the productivity of their fleet in a cost-effective manner. To know more about our fleet tracking solutions, please call us at 1-866-233-0953.