5 Btracking Reports That Are Customer Favorites

5 Btracking Reports That Are Customers’ Favorites

Our Customer’s Favorite Btracking Reports!

Btracking GPS Tracking offers much more than just location tracking for vehicles, fleets, cell phones and field equpment. With features like geofencing, vehicle analytics, and maintenance reports, you can make great use of our Btracking reports to add value to your business operations.

Maintenance and alert reports are among the value-added features of our fleet tracking system. Want to know how your business can benefit from them? Here are five reports that are our customers’ favorites.

1. The Start-Stop Summary

This report shows detailed information about a vehicle’s movements throughout the day up to its last stop. It provides valuable information such as locations visited and the amount of time spent at each location. This is extremely useful for time-keeping records, service records, customer details, and more.

2. Driver Activity Report

Want to get an activity summary of all drivers within a specific date range, which can help you to identify both under-performing and over-performing drivers? Then you will love the Driver Activity Report. You can use this information to reward your high-performing employees and provide training to those who are not performing up to par.

3. Vehicle Utilization Report

The Vehicle Utilization Report displays usage of a specific vehicle in comparison to the rest of the fleet. If the utilization percentage of a vehicle is high but the number of jobs completed by the driver is comparatively lower, it can be an indication of unauthorized use of the vehicle.

4. Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Report

Schedule Report Img

Btracking has a very robust Maintenance Module that lets you easily create and view scheduled maintenance requirements and reminders for your entire fleet.

Quickly build a scheduled maintenance plan for every vehicle, then let Btracking provide notifications for every required maintenance activity, even via email or text (if desired).

The Maintenance Schedule Report is clearly a customer favorite, as it is a handy way to see all the upcoming maintenance needed for every vehicle. Once the vehicle is serviced, just enter it in the Maintenance Module, scan and attach records and invoices if you like, and let Btracking help you to easily track all the maintenance work done for every vehicle.

5. Driving Alerts Report

The Driver Alerts Report provides an easy way to monitor driving behaviors and patterns, such as speeding or excess idling. Coupled with the Driver Scorecard feature, you can take action to improve driver safety and reduce operating expenses to increase fleet productivity.

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