3 Signs You Need A GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

Billable Time

Deciding whether to purchase and implement a GPS fleet tracking system is often a difficult decision. As a manager combating with challenging cost goals, you must keep the cost of fleet tracking solution under heavy consideration and evaluate what benefits it can deliver to your company. Having a clear understanding of the problems that demand a GPS fleet tracking solution can help you in making this crucial business decision.

Btracking’s fleet management experts have worked with a number of companies and helped them successfully implement fleet tracking solutions to improve their business performance. We have written this post to provide similar kind of support to our readers contemplating over whether to invest in a GPS fleet management system or not. Here we are listing three common problems that indicate the immediate need of a fleet tracking solution for your business.

GasdSign No. 1: High Fuel Costs

If your fleet is wasting fuel due to excessive idling, speeding, unauthorized use of resources, etc., it’s a sign you should start searching for a trusted GPS fleet tracking and management solution provider. Btracking fleet tracking solutions deliver significant fuel savings and help you meet your cost targets.

The system limits excessive speeding and idling by enabling you to provide shut down alerts to your drivers if they idle for too long. Also, with real-time tracking, you can immediately know if your vehicles are being used for non-business use and take necessary action to prevent such non-professional practices.

Billable TimeSign No. 2: Too Much Overtime

Maintaining manual timesheets is a cumbersome process and often leads to disputes. Btracking provides E-log solutions that eliminate the need of maintaining manual timesheets and allow real-time recording and retrieval of information.

With fleet tracking system you can also get valuable information about where your vehicles were during the whole day, how many stops your drivers made, and how much time they took to complete a specific job. With all this information, you can hold your drivers accountable for hours they claimed to have worked.

Sign No. 3: High Repair Costs

An overdue maintenance can prove to be pricey for your company, costing you both time and money. If you often find yourself worrying about missed maintenance dates and overwhelming maintenance costs, it’s time you should invest in Btracking fleet management system immediately. Not only the system provides you automated maintenance reminders, it also provides you detailed reports about your fleet’s performance.

Btracking fleet management system allows you to optimize your fleet operations and help you reach your strategic goals. To know more about how our products can maximize your business efficiency, you can contact us using our online contact form or call us at 1-866-233-0953.