3 Myths About GPS Fleet Tracking

3 Myths about GPS Fleet Tracking

Fact&Myth GPS TrackingGPS fleet tracking and management systems can offer great advantages to a business, but some companies feel reluctant to give them a try because of some common myths associated to them. Most of these GPS fleet tracking myths are due to a lack of understanding of the how the technology works and what it does.

Based on our experience with a number of companies, we are listing and debunking three common myths about Btracking GPS fleet tracking solutions to help our readers understand the true potential of this amazing technology.

We Don’t Want to Spy on Our Employees Because We Trust Them

This the most common myth associated with the use of GPS tracking technology. Many people believe that a GPS tracking system is about keeping an eye on the every single move of an employee, but they do not realize that this is not the only purpose that this technology serves.

Btracking GPS fleet tracking system is an excellent solution for companies looking to reduce resource wastage and inefficiencies. It provides you valuable insights in your daily business operations and helps you reduce fuel and maintenance costs, dispatching inefficiencies, and improves personnel safety.

Our Drivers Will Face Difficulty in Embracing This New Technology

While this is an actual concern for companies implementing Btracking GPS fleet tracking and management system, it can be resolved effectively with proper training and support. When deciding to purchase a GPS fleet tracking solution, it is important that you work with a reliable GPS solutions provider only.

Btracking provides excellent customer services to all its clients, and companies reluctant to invest in a GPS fleet management solution can particularly benefit from our free demo service. You just need to send us an email at info@btracking.com to request your free 3-day trial package.

Myth No.3 imgGPS Fleet Tracking Solutions Only Track the Location of Vehicles, and Nothing Else

Vehicles can be tracked using cell phones or handheld phones with built-in GPS technology as well. GPS fleet tracking systems do something different than these mobile devices. An advanced fleet tracking system like Btracking’s fleet tracking solutions provide you information about valuable performance metrics, including mileage, speeding, fuel consumption, unauthorized use of vehicles, etc.

While cell phones can easily be turned off, GPS tracking devices track your vehicles efficiently for 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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