3 Key Challenges Faced By Fleet Managers And Their Solutions

Organizations running and managing fleets usually operate on narrow profit margins and rely on optimization methodologies for their survival and profitability. In such an environment, fleet managers face greater challenges and must work harder and more intelligently to get positive results for the organization.

Today’s fleet manage is faced with heightening expectations to demonstrate corporate responsibility and reduce their carbon footprint while reducing operating cost and ensuring drivers’ health and safety. In order to meet these unique challenges, fleet managers must adopt a GPS-based fleet management system to make the business operations efficient and effective. In this post, we are listing three key challenges faced by a fleet manager and how a GPS-based fleet management system can resolve them.

Keeping Track of Vehicles

Track Of Vehicles Img
Real-time tracking for close monitoring of vehicles

Problem – One of the duties of a fleet manager is to know where their vehicles are. Though this task sounds simple, several other important factors are associated with it that can significantly impact a business’s performance.

Inability to keep track of vehicle results in increased idling time, unauthorized use, increased fuel costs, and increased labor costs due to overtime work hours.

Solution – With Btracking fleet management system, fleet managers can keep track of the real-time location of the vehicles. The system generates “unauthorized use” reports automatically and helps the manager in identifying potential inefficiency areas. With our fleet management system, the manager can validate if the drivers are using company’s assets for personal use on weekends of after work hours and claiming false overtime work hours.

Using Data Efficiently

Btracking platform maintenance queue - Schedule reminders and never miss a planned maintenance
Btracking platform maintenance queue – Schedule reminders and never miss a planned maintenance

Problem – A fleet manager is faced with an overwhelming volume of data and must manage it to make timely decisions about vehicles maintenance. This is particularly troublesome for managers handling large fleets comprising of hundreds of vehicles.  In these kinds of situations, it becomes almost impossible to keep track of maintenance schedules, resale valuations, vehicle registration, etc.

Solution – With Btracking’s fleet management system, managers can get alerts for overdue scheduled service plans and get comprehensive reports about a vehicle’s maintenance. It also helps in over-maintenance of vehicles. For example, if the records show that nothing significant is being done during routine service, the manager may consider extending the running duration of the vehicle.

Rising Operating Costs

Routing Page feature to help companies save on money and time
Routing Page feature to help companies save on money and time

Problem – Fleet managers, particularly those having strict cost-savings targets to meet, face consistent pressure to keep costs down across the board. This becomes an impossible task with the rising price of new and used vehicles, labor shortage, and increasing fuel costs.

Solution Btracking’s fleet management system works in several ways to help fleet managers achieve their cost targets. It reduces fuel costs by route optimization, decreased unauthorized use, decreased idling time, etc. Similarly, the fleet management system provides comprehensive reports about vehicle maintenance.

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